Europe’s open standards development model underpins EU leadership in cellular communications, drives innovation, and benefits consumers around the world.

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Open standards development supports market entry for all players, encourages innovation, and benefits consumers and society globally. The current model enables European players to make significant R&D investments, work collaboratively, and achieve the critical mass needed to compete on a global scale.

The success of this model depends on the ability of wireless technology developers to provide access to their inventions to anyone who needs to implement them. This “access for all” approach offers the most efficient way to share technology: licensing at a single point in the value chain. It aligns with EU calls for a balanced, predictable, and efficient approach that ensures rapid access to foundational communications technologies.

In contrast, some advocate a "license to all" approach to standardisation. This is counterproductive to EU objectives and could result in technology lock-in. It could put European strategic autonomy at risk, in a market dominated by a few powerful players, with proprietary standards and operating systems.


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