IP Europe brings together innovative European organisations that recognise the value of intellectual property in driving growth and job creation.

From global technology leaders and research institutes, to SMEs harnessing patent rights to grow, IP Europe is a coalition of R&I-intensive organisations whose inventions are protected by patents.

IP Europe members include both licensors and implementers of patents including standard essential patents (SEPs).


IP Europe is a coalition of European innovators championing policies that boost investment in the creation of new technologies and businesses.

We work to ensure the vital importance of intellectual property to the European digital and knowledge-based economy is recognized and valued. We push for EU policies to support a world-leading innovation ecosystem. According to the EUIPO and the EPO, 45% of economic activity and 38.9% of employment in the EU – as many as 83.3 million jobs – are generated by IP-intensive companies.


To ensure Europe's sustainable growth and prosperity by promoting policies that support the virtuous circle of private investment, innovation and progress.


To promote policies that support a collaborative European innovation ecosystem and help drive Europe's digital and green agendas, growth and prosperity.

In particular by:

  • Working to ensure that all innovators can receive a fair return on their investments in developing new solutions, thereby encouraging further research and development.
  • Supporting innovative SMEs to effectively use IP rights and to develop strong portfolios so they can attract capital, grow, create jobs and compete in Europe and globally.
  • Safeguarding the vital system for the open development of wireless technology standards, which promotes innovation while balancing the rights and obligations of technology providers and implementers.


IP Europe brings together European technology providers of all sizes to champion policies that drive innovation, growth, job creation, and the emergence of the technologies of the future.

Managing Director: Patrick McCutcheon
Chair: Collette Rawnsley
SME Chair: Ruben Bonet
Secretariat: Instinctif Partners